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Evolution has ensured that nature has created the best designs. So when designing our Ocean Bottle, we turned to the natural world to solve one of the challenges we set ourselves.

BIOMIMICRY: the imitation of the models, systems and elements of nature for the purpose of solving complex human problems. From the Ancient Greek: bios meaning life and mimesis, imitation.

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Our bottle emulates the structure of plankton to reduce the amount of plastic needed. Microscopic organisms like these are at the base of the marine food chain and are particularly susceptible to the impact of pollutants. So we think it is very fitting that they have inspired our bottle design solution.

The plankton inspired dimples mean that we can use 15% less plastic than in our bottle without the mimicry design, while still giving us the structure and stability. After all, the bottle hasn’t been designed for a one-off use. We hope people will refill this bottle time after time and perhaps even find other uses for it. We want to inspire people to think differently about plastic and the way they use it.